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Charles B. Simone, II, MD, USA; Joshua A. Jones, MD, USA More >>
Yufeng Zhou, PhD. Singapore More >>


Early palliative care: philosophy vs. reality
Jan Gaertner, Stephen Lutz, Edward Chow


Nursing perspectives on palliative care 2015
Margaret I. Fitch, Monika C. Fliedner, Margaret O’Connor

Systematic Review

Resource allocation issues concerning early palliative care
Jan Gaertner, Bernd-Oliver Maier, Lukas Radbruch

Radiotherapy Palliative Column (Review Article)

Incorporation of life expectancy estimates in the treatment of palliative care patients receiving radiotherapy: treatment approaches in light of incomplete prognostic models
Nicholas Chiu, Leonard Chiu, Stephen Lutz, Na Zhang, Breanne Lechner, Natalie Pulenzas, Marko Popovic, Carlo DeAngelis, Milica Milakovic, Ronald Chow, Edward Chow

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Review Article

Radiotherapy Palliative Column (Review Article)